Esports Analysis for Everyone


Born from Evil Geniuses’ desire to change the game through data, Factor (an EG spin-off) is your go-to place for advanced statistics and storytelling in esports.

And we're starting off with League of Legends.

We’re going to inform your esports conversations with 2D map visualizations so you can see where every move was made. We’ll help you understand and appreciate pre-match win predictions and champion pools. We’re going deep on player stats for all your “who’s the best jungler” arguments. And we’re giving you data-driven stories that will help you understand the strategies behind the moves.

We’re Factor, and we are excited to be a part of your esports conversation.

The Whole Story

Factor is the place to be for advanced statistics and storytelling in esports. Factor is the lunch table where the jocks, English majors, and statisticians can all sit together and geek out. We see data not as a commodity but as a community. It should be accessible and enlightening and compelling. We’ve got the data you’d expect. But we’ve also got the stories behind the numbers and why they matter.

We spend a lot of time at Evil Geniuses looking at giant spreadsheets to help us craft the best evil plans possible, but those spreadsheets didn’t match our ambition. So, we created Factor; a digital platform born from internal efforts to use data and analytics in League of Legends strategy, scouting, and reporting. We knew internally how much we loved our data and our tools and wanted to share some of the coolest features with the community.

Our mission is to redefine the way professional esports is watched, analyzed, and talked about through the use of data and advanced statistics. Factor provides Match level stats for those who want to dive deep along with digestible data driven rankings and match projections for those who want the bullet points only. We know analytics is not about the numbers themselves but the stories they tell, and that’s why we have data driven content and a community for fans to get involved in our discord server

We built Factor to help anyone better understand League. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who has seen every game since patch 1.0 or so new you don’t even know what a patch is. Factor gives you the numbers behind the game, the storylines to go with them, and an easy way to know what’s happening in the League of Legends pro scene.

Missed last week’s games but want the rundown? Don’t have a clue what is happening when your friends watch League but want to know what’s going on? Then, Factor is for you.

Here are some key Factor features we love, that we hope add to the existing community of League of Legends products:

  • Pre-Match win probabilities – Quickly see who’s going to win all the upcoming games. Sound like an expert with Factor predictions.
  • Player Profiles – An overview of every player’s stats, champion pool, and match history.
  • Team Profiles – Check out recent performances, team leaders, and their upcoming schedule.
  • Game Data – Over 30 stats – with many new to Factor - for every player in every game they play. This one’s for the data nerds who want to dive deep.
  • 2D map visualizations of historical games – No more diving into the replay file or finding that point in some long-forgotten YouTube video. View everything that happened in the match and all they key events on Factor.
  • Articles - Take a deeper dive into the stories, strategies, and analysis
  • The newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest stories, stats, and stuff Factor gives you.
  • For a more real-time connection, hop into the Factor Discord to chat with other users and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What is the POWR ranking system? Did you just accidentally misspell power and capitalize it?

a. POWR is our proprietary player and team ranking system that uses thousands of data points each game to rank team and player performance. Read more about it here: .

2. Where are LPL teams and matches?

a. We only receive data around LPL teams at international events from our sources but hope to be able to provide more regular season data for the LPL in the future

3. How often is Factor updated?

a. Our data comes in, in near real-time, so matches should update soon after they are completed

5. Can I follow my favorite team or player?

a. Yes! Create a free account to get a personalized feed of the teams and players you follow.

6. Will you have coverage for Worlds or MSI?

Definitely! Factor has a unique hub for each global event with predictions for each round.

7. Will you be making a site for CSGO, Dota 2, Valorant, et al?

a. Send us a note on Twitter or Facebook with what game you would love to see us work on next